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Surf’s Up genuine sea glass art. Whimsical surf life art. Sea glass bird catching a wave. Made to order.

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Surf’s Up is a whimsical bird about to go over the falls on the wave. The blue
bird is a beautifully etched piece of sea glass with original detail from the
lip of a bottle found on the beaches of Puerto Rico. The sun is tumbled shell
from the shell beds on the east coast of Florida. The trunk of the palm tree
has a well etched piece with detail from the bottle lip.

———I can custom make a custom Surf’s up canvas with a variety of colors of sea
glass gems. I have aqua, sea foam, cobalt, blue, green, olive, black,
clear...(please inquire about what colors I have currently) price may vary
depending on color or canvas board size.———

My genuine sea glass is collected by my husband and I on the beaches of Long
Island, New York, Florida, Puerto Rico and any beach we step foot on. The fun
is in the hunt! Sea glass haThe individual pieces are all unique, as are all
the pieces of jewelry and art I create with them.

Sea Glass starts out as a bottle, a plate or any man made glass product. It is
then deposited and broken into an ocean, river or any waterway that will be
able to tumble the the broken pieces of glass for a minimum 20 years to get
smooth. These turn into gems of the sea and are treasured by many people. Some
people love the hunt, creating art, creating jewelry, wearing it, touching it
or looking at it and then you have the folks like me who are simply obsessed
with it in every way.

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