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Superb Condition - Wonderful 18th Century Sweetmeat/ Jelly Glass - Exceptional Glass rib, flared mouth and rough pontil - Sings when tapped

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A beautiful addtion to your collection, or the perfect piece to get someone
interested in the mesmerizing history of antique 18th century glass. Offered
for your consideration is this mint condition, flared mouth, ribbed bowl and
knop, 18th century sweetmeat/jell glass. This is such a stunning piece. The
ribs are fully formed and can be felt well under the fingers. The bowl is
flared with the human touch giving it varying curves in its circular structure
at the top. This identifies it as a sweetmeat glass because it is nearly
impossible to drink from these glass, without spililng it on yourself, due to
the flare of the bowl and would only be used as a jelly or sweet meat glass due
to this characteristic. There is one singular knop that is also ribbed and in
excellent condition. The pontil is very rough and shows delightful striations.
An excellent touch to this piece are the inclusions, including one very
charming characteristic towards the top of the bowl. The bowl is a funnel
shape. The foot is concical but ther is an interesting rim on half of the foot.

This glass is approximately 4 inches in height, 2.35 inches in diameter at the
mouth, 2.25 inches in diameter at the base. There are no chips, cracks, flaking
or alterations that have been made to this glass. Exceptional ring can be hear
when lightly tapping the bowl, truly sings. Wonderful addition to anyone's

Please let me know if you have any questions about this piece. It is really a
delightful glass and has so many intriguing, authentic characteristics. Thank
you for stopping into the store and have a wonderful rest of your day. We are
willing to review pricing for those that are buying multiples pieces of

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