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Stamp collection used Walt Disney

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400 diff. Stamps
600 diff. Stamps
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This whole of stamps is entirely devoted to Walt Disney and puts at the honor
of the emblematic characters. Several stamps sets of themes are proposed to you
and were published in several countries.The collectors will be able first of
all to receive articles emitted with the Maldives. Extracts of cartoons are
proposed like Donald and the Wheel. You will be able to also discover the
characters of Disney put in scene in various situations such as space
exploration. Stamps of Antigua and Bequia (island belonging to the Grenadines)
are also available and illustrate in particular the nephews of Donald,
Grand-Mère Donald or Clarabelle. Lastly, Aristochats are present on stamps of
Palau.La Maison du Collectionneur places at your disposal of the batches from
25 to 700 stamps. The prices start with 4 euros. Sorters specific and perfect
stamps to accommodate your collections are also sold on our site, like this
model. The stamps are also used (except contrary mention). We constitute the
batches in a very conscientious way. To classify its stamps is not always
simple, for you to help there we published this small guide.

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