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Mini Angel- Glass Mosaic Magnet

$24 $ 16.8
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All of my Mosaics are hand made by myself in my home studio in Two Rivers,
Alaska. Each mosaic is made with beautiful pieces of stained glass. I hand cut/
chop each piece then place them all by hand on a thin wood backing. They are
then set with a dark chocolate or Charcoaled colored grout. Each piece has a
very strong magnet attached to the back.

(This is not stained glass for the window, no light will shine through these
are mosaics for the wall)

Each piece is very similar, but each unique. No two will ever be exactly the

-Item dimensions-

I am more then happy to make specific special order colors, so please message
me with special orders.

Shipping- Shipping from Alaska can be pricy but I try my best to offer the
cheapest packing and shipping in the safest way possible! Shipping is $3.80.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for the shipment of your order. Although some of the
items are made ahead, many of them are made to order depending on color
preference and size. If I have the item ordered in stock I will mail it out as
soon as possible!

Thank you for visiting my Etsy page. Hope you enjoy seeing my creations as
much as I love making them!

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