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Marble unique geometric shapes paper weight Set of 2 || positive energy

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This Marble Paper Weight completely made by Hand , technically a paperweight
but it is stylish enough to really be whatever you want it to be.
This Marble paperweight adds an abstract, geometric vibe to your desk. Its
natural finish and solid construction exude a museum-quality feel.

marble is a natural stone and will therefore vary slightly in pattern from
what you see in this image and may also contain fissures or pits.
These are natural qualities of the material, not faults.

Marble is beautiful and strong but also fragile. Treat it with love because
it's breakable. Don't forget that little stains and marks only add character to
your marble piece. Embrace it. Just like wine it develops a wonderful character
with age.

Di mention:

Weight : 350gm shape:polyhedron | size 2inch dia x 2 inch height

The Product will be delivered by FedEx or DHL .
If there is any local tax,custom duties or Vat will be paid by the buyer at
the destination.

Go Green With Marble

Marble one of the most environmentally friendly Material.
And even in today's scenario, where safety and hygiene is our priority, It is
proved that No Virus and Bacteria can sustain on Natural Material Marble.

Marble is believed to provide clarity, self-control and stability both
physically and emotionally. It is used as a symbol of purity and immortality.

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Brand NikkisPrideByNeelam