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Horse print, Wild Horse Photo,Onaqui Wild Horses, Horse Photograph."Are you coming?"

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The Wild Within Your Heart.
Welcome to the wild!
My artwork is inspired by Americas Wild horses and Burros and will take you on
a journey to unleash the wild within your heart.
Through my photographs you will experience the power of love, strength and
This is the life force that is created by these magnificent creatures that by
some chance the axis of my life turned in a direction to where my eyes, heart
and being became connected to these inspired creatures.
Freedom is engrained in the hearts and minds of wild horses and burros that
roam our public lands.
Their hoof prints can be found all around the west.
Home for these resilient, free spirited creatures will take you to remote,
desolate yet undeniably captivating and sometimes lonely far flung corners of
the west.

I print all of my photographs on Archival Epson Paper.

Each one is signed.

Feel free to contact me for color and black and white print options.

Some of wild horse locations include:
The Onaqui, UT
The Mc Cullough Peaks, WY
The Red Desert, WY
Pryor Mountains, MT
Big Sandy, AZ
The Salt River AZ

A portion of the proceeds from my photographs goes to support wild horse and
burro organizations.

Photo location:The Onaqui

Printing on canvas, metal and acrylic is also available. Please contact me for
sizes and pricing.

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