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French vintage factice perfume bottle. Givenchy Gentleman. Giant collector perfume bottle. Show bottle. French perfume. Blue and silver.

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Here is a beautiful and extra large tommy perfume bottle showcasing Givenchy
Gentleman, the famous french perfume launched in 1975.

This giant bottle were to be displayed in french perfumeries and department
stores to promote the product. Today perfumers don't use this kind of
advertising items anymore. So this kind of bottle are rare.

This man perfume bottle is very decorative and particularly beautiful. It is
made of glass and contain a blue liquid that contrast nicely with the silver
band of the brand. It could be a nice piece of decor for a bathroom or in a
barber shop or in a beauty salon for men.

It will also make a nice addition to a collection of perfume bottle.

It is in very good condition.

Height: 34 cm/ 13.8"
Width: 17 cm/ 6.6"

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The items I sell are vintage or antiques. They all have lived their life
(sometimes, a long one) and therefore are very unlike brand new items that you
might buy.

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However I do not look at my items under a microscope, but I do the best I can
to describe it.
Please ask questions, what maybe important to you may not be to me and vice
versa...I want you to love your purchase.

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right place.

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